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Trailblazers Age 3 & 4

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Program Overview

Trailblazers are 3 years old at the time of entrance to school. This program is offered mornings 9:00am—11:30am. Classes meet Monday, Wednesday, Friday or Tuesday and Thursday. The school year runs September through May.

The Trailblazers program is designed to help the young preschooler gain independence through learning, become successful communicators, and make cognitive discoveries with literacy, math, science and social studies. Our thematic curriculum is carefully researched and follows NAEYC’s guidelines to promote communication, learning, discovery, cooperation, self-assurance, and physical agility.

The Trailblazers feels self-assured when he/she enters our school. The classrooms are clearly defined and always have exciting experiences waiting to be explored. Everyday the teacher will provide the following areas for the Trail Blazer:

Construction/ Blocks Gross Motor

Math Art / Creative Expression

Discovery / Science Music

Language Arts / Creative Dramatics

Sensory Table / Fine Motor/Manipulative

The Trailblazer can predict what will happen next!

Our routine is school wide. The student learns he/she can count on the routine to help them get through the day until they see Mom and Dad.

Free Choice - Exploration of learning areas

Group Time – Show n’ Tell, music and movement, Content Areas

Snack and Story

Cooperation Station - Learning centers work on cooperative learning, communication skills

Bathroom Time is always available! We know the importance of this experience and partner with you to continue success in this areas.

Parents play an important role at our school! Trailblazers love to include their parents in their preschool day. The school offers special days for Mom and Dad to come and be a part of their child’s day. We also invite parents to volunteer in the classroom with extra activities. Parents are informed through monthly calendars and newsletters of current events. Teachers also communicate with parents through phone and written correspondence.

Thank you for your interest in the Trailblazers program at Purple Moose Enrichment Preschool!
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