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Adventurers program is designed for the a more mature 4 and 5 year old child. This program meets Monday through Friday mornings 9:00am—11:30 and Monday through Friday afternoons 12:00pm—2:30pm. The school year runs September through May and follows District 47 school calendar for holidays.

The Adventurers program is an extension of the Explorers program themes. Adventurers use Tuesday and Thursday to extend learning experiences, devote more time to academic skills, and take field trips.

The curriculum is developed through state of IL learning standards for preschoolers. Within this curriculum the preschool student will develop skills in all areas of accademics and work on necessary skills required by local school districts.

The classroom environment and routine is well planned and allows the child to make independent choices while providing the structure that promotes learning opportunities. Every day the teacher will provide the following areas for Adventurers:

Construction/Blocks Gross and Fine Motor
Math Art/Creative Expression
Discovery/Science Music
Language Arts Creative Dramatics

Readiness skills your child will be working on include:

Language Arts: Identifying first/last name, naming and writing letters, rhyming, consonant sounds, recalling stories, sequencing events/

Social Studies: Stating full name, age, address, phone number.

Science: Observation, prediction, stating properties of physical environment, use of sample machines and understanding nutritional and physical needs.

Mathematics: Sorting, classifying, one to one correspondence, identifying numerals, writing numbers, creating patterns, geometric shapes, graphing, simple math problems.

COOPERATION STATIONS are part of the daily routine and provides the teacher and child to work on specific skills or for the preschooler to work as a team with classmates. During this time it also allows opportunities for extending/building students’ ideas.

There are many opportunities for parent involvement through special events and classroom volunteering. Monthly calendars and newsletters keep parents up to date on upcoming events. Conferences are held in the Fall and Spring and a yearly portfolio is maintained for each preschooler.

Thank you for your interest in the Explorers program!!!

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